Brake’s Biggest Fan Pt 1

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After watching her favourite artist in concert, Alexa has been pulled backstage after a show and expected a autograph, maybe a picture or two, but his manager tells her she’s just his type and she cannot believe her luck! Now she is in his penthouse, and anxiously waiting for what is about to happen. When she enters his bedroom, there waiting for her is the man she’s fantasised about for so long – but what she doesn’t know is he has something incredible in store for her and she’s about to find out exactly what that is.

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What Are You Going To Show Me, Girl?

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There is no way Kelsi is going to miss out on this job. She has worked too hard. When she came to LA she didn’t have much but she knows she can dance. This is the opportunity she has been waiting for – an audition for a music video that she will do anything to get. The only problem is that there is another dancer who has worked for this director in the past, so she needs to make every second count. After giving her all during the audition, there is no doubt that she has skills, and just to make sure that she has this gig in the bag, she’s prepared to give him a little incentive.

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Catching Up

Eva moved to LA a few months ago to take an internship at a big time Beverly Hills talent agency. She works extremely hard and it leaves her with no time to herself, and she has to live with her sister in the meantime. When she buys a gift certificate for an hour massage which she can’t use, she offers it to her sister instead. After receiving text messages from Jason, an old flame she met at college, she finds out that he is in LA for a few hours, and her mind starts racing about what she could do in the time they have alone together. She is determined to make every second count.

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