I Couldn’t Help Myself…

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With her new husband away on a business trip, Brandy has decided to get into her stepdaughter’s good books. After letting her have her boyfriend over to stay the night while her dad is away, she is hoping that their relationship will take a turn for the better. The problem is, Brandy has attempted to get to know him better, and although this is totally innocent, she finds herself in a situation she is going to find hard to resist.

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My Rise In The Ranks Part 2

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After Elsa’s fun with the club owner at a homecoming club crawl, April wants a piece of the action. She has had a friendly rival in Elsa through high school and college. When April finds out she has hooked up with him, she has to even the score. Once she is in his house and relaxing by the pool, she has the perfect opportunity to show him exactly what he is missing, and it takes no time at all for them to become up close and personal.

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Young And Natural Babe Gets Massacred By Mandingo’s 14inch BBC

Sydney Cole is ready to take on her biggest challenge yet, Mandingo! She teases us with her tight body in hot pink and red lace lingerie with hearts all over it as she gazes into the camera with her dark green eyes. Sydney crawls onto Mandingo’s desk as she removes his BBC from his pants and tries to fit the whole thing down her throat. Mandingo turns her over and fucks her doggystyle stretching her pussy as she struggles to take every inch.

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