Last Call 2

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Karla is a wife bored at home. Her husband is out of town. She’s trying to stay good, but she’s tempted to meet up with Jax, a bartender she met a couple of nights ago. In the end, she decides to meet him after he’s done. When she shows up, there’s another girl waiting for him (implied that a lot of girls and bored housewives do this). Karla is a little surprised, but Jax invites her to come anyway.

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Quinn Wilde

Whenever her boyfriend Mike is out of town, the insatiable Quinn Wilde gets tremendously horny…and usually makes bad decision. Take today, for example: Mike’s away and Quinn is going to lounge around and tan the afternoon away. As usual, she’s super horny, too…so why not rub one out in their backyard? Which is when Mike’s buddies, Isiah and Rico, swing by.

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