Brake’s Biggest Fan Pt 2

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After Her flatmate hooks up with Brake, Angel knows she just has to have a taste of him too and he’s only in town for one more day, so she has very little time to prove just how bigger fan she is. She has heard the whole story and knows that her friend struggled with his attributes, and after arriving at his house and enjoying a few drinks, she’s ready to show him what she can do. Angel is about to go above and beyond what most fans could only dream of, and she’s going to find out just how big of a deal this really is.

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Spoilt Brat Gets Trained

Melisa is cute but she’s also a spoilt little shit, she’s got a session with her trainer but this slutty teen can’t keep her mouth shut and needs to be taught some manners. The personal trainer is more than happy to teach this devious white girl a lesson and shows her just his big his cock can get. She loves it and gets super freaky with his Johnson until she’s a wet, sticky and satisfied mess.

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