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Real estate magnate Andi Rye dreams about closing sales, but when one of her big clients finds a great place with another agent, all she can do is grin and pretend she’s happy for him. Losing the commission is going to ruin Andi, so she seeks some advice from her caring boss. His belief in her ability inspires her, and it also turns her on. She doesn’t want him to leave her side, so she peels off her lacy bra and exposes her sensitive nipples in the open house. Then, she sucks his BBC and squirts while she bounces on his chocolate rod. Andi’s back in business.

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Redhead Babe Lacy Goes Black

Lacy is over her boyfriend. Small white dick just doesn’t do it for her. Lately she’s been fucking Isiah on the side and today she gets him to ditch work and come fuck her in her boyfriend’s bed. Isiah wouldn’t normally walk into such a dangerous situation but with Lacy FaceTiming him from the bathtub, he decides its worth the risk of getting caught. And Lacy would love nothing more than her boyfriend to walk in and see what a real man looks like, and fucks like.

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